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  • Accommodation & Tuition Enquiries for Winter 2017-18

    As we are "out of season" our response rates are currently much slower than usual, however we endeavour to respond to enquiries on a weekly basis. ACCOMMODATION: The majority of hotels and apartments don´t release rates until the Autumn. However, we are able to book some of the most popular choices for you now, so let us know your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as we can. TUITION: Enquiries will be responded to from the beginning of November, but please do send in your requirements as soon as you know them as we will respond in order of receipt of your request. Provisional rates for 2017-18 are now posted on our website for your reference.

Dreamland & The Snow Garden

This is located in Borreguiles at the top of the first "Magic Carpet" conveyer belt (to the right as you walk out of the Al-Andalus gondola building).

"Dreamland" is the result of a collaborated effort between a couple of the prime Spanish ski schools in resort as an alternatiove childcare option to the créche facility. It caters for around 40 children between the ages of 3 and 6 years (out of nappies), opening from 10:00 - 16:00, seven days a week.

Snow Garden

The "Dreamland" package includes use of a spacious enclosed area allocated outside the "Jardin Alpino" (Snow Garden) chalet and is equipped with four "magic carpet" conveyor-belt lifts. If the child enters equipped with skis and boots (not snowboards!!) and the weather conditions are favourable, the staff will supervise and accompany your children in gentle descents within this area.

Note: The children do not recieve tuition.

As the Snow Garden is located in the central ski area, it allows parents to ski to and from it at any time without having to ski back down into the village itself. As such, it is easy to take your children out at lunchtime if they are booking in for a full day (NB lunch is not provided).

Children who go up without ski equipment will only need a cabin lift pass. Those taking equipment will need a full ski pass.

The prices for Winter 2015/16 (food is not provided) are:

No. Of Days Half Day (Morning, 10am-1pm) Half Day (Afternoon, 1pm-4pm) Full Day (10am-4pm)
1 45.00€ 38.00€ 75.00€
2 82.00€ 70.00€ 137.00€
3 104.00€ 88.00€ 173.00€
4 121.00€ 103.00€ 202.00€
5 144.00€ 122.00€ 239.00€
6 151.00€ 128.00€ 251.00€
7 158.00€ 134.00€ 263.00€
Booking Fee: 15.00€ for any booking under 100.00€ in total value

To prebook your children into the Snow Garden, click here for the online booking form.

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